Buchanan Harvey & Co. has the reputation of being an authoritative commentator on boardroom trends and corporate governance. The Chair is the author of several published papers.

HSBC promotes Georges Elhedery to chief executive

Financial Times, May 24, 2024

…“Elhedery was the clear favourite after he was appointed CFO to give him more exposure to the corporate headquarters and investors,” said Samuel Johar, chair of board advisory group Buchanan Harvey…

Stephen Bird steps down as ABRDN chief executive

Financial Times, May 24, 2024

…Samuel Johar, chair of board advisory group Buchanan Harvey, said that Windsor had a strong chance of becoming Bird’s permanent successor. “He has substantial financial services experience and Abrdn cannot afford a vacuum for too long, said Johar, adding that the company could become a takeover target…

Inside Noel Quinn’s shock exit from HSBC

Financial Times, May 1, 2024

…Samuel Johar, chair of board advisory group Buchanan Harvey, said: “Mark Tucker can’t stay beyond 2026, so the board had to work out who was going first: Tucker or Quinn. This way, Mark has time to oversee Quinn’s successor settling into the job.”…

Abrdn cuts jobs, costs and investor confidence

Financial Times, March 10, 2024

…”It is abundantly clear that a change of leadership is required”, says Samuel Johar, chair of board advisory group Buchanan Harvey. “The only discussion is whether it should begin with the chair or the CEO…

Rolls-Royce to keep gains going with bold bets

Bloomberg, December 20, 2023

…”Heaven knows, Rolls-Royce needed a bit of a shake up”, said Samuel Johar at Buchanan Harvey, who knew several of Erginbilgic’s predecessors. “He is certainly the right man for the job at this moment in time”…

Coutts: the King’s bank at the centre of a free-speech storm

Financial Times, July 21, 2023

…”This obviously dents her credibility”, said Samuel Johar, chair of the board advisory group, Buchanan Harvey. “Once the situation with Farage became public, the bank should have fixed the issue rather than being disingenuous about it”…

Georges Elhedery: HSBC’s heir apparent

Financial Times, November 5, 2022

…Samuel Johar of executive search firm Buchanan Harvey, said “The change of CFO has unsettled the market, but undeservedly so, in this case”…

Unilever urged to seek outside chief after Alan Jope tenure

Financial Times, October 2, 2022

…”among external candidates, Unilever is likely to consider Remy Ejel, Nestlé’s chief executive of Asia, Oceania and Africa and Shailesh Jejurikar chief operating officer at Procter & Gamble”, said Samuel Johar chair at headhunters Buchanan Harvey…

Unilever chief Alan Jope to retire next year

Financial Times, September 26, 2022

…”there remains some nostalgia for Dave Lewis”, said Samuel Johar of headhunters Buchanan Harvey, referring to the former Tesco chief executive who was previously at Unilever…

Rolls-Royce’s new CEO says focus will be on opportunity and strategic clarity

Financial Times, July 30, 2022

…Samuel Johar, chair of board advisory group Buchanan Harvey, said that “while Erginbilgic was clearly a successful divisional CEO, the step up to group CEO is always a big one because strategy, external stakeholders and public scrutiny play a much bigger part”…

BAE set to name Cressida Hogg as first female chair

Financial Times, July 27, 2022

…Samuel Johar, who chairs Buchanan Harvey, a board advisory firm, said “Hogg was an experienced FTSE 100 chair, with a keen intellect and substantial experience of large projects”…

Smiths Group Chief Paul Keel: This turnaround is no piece of cake

The Sunday Times, June 12, 2022

…Samuel Johar, the headhunter who advised on Keel’s hiring, suggests he was in demand elsewhere when Smiths got him. “He has a keen intellect and is strategic by nature”, Johar says. “It’s quite a contrast with his predecessor, who just couldnt take a decision”…

The billion pound battle for prestigious Claridge’s of London

Financial Times, June 10, 2022

…Samuel Johar a headhunter who eats in Claridges three to four times a week, said “McKillen had made the hotel a joyous place to go to. Let’s hope these two new guys don’t screw it up”…

Berkeley names Schroder’s veteran Michael Dobson as chair

Financial Times, June 8, 2022

…”There is a good crossover between fund management and property”, said Samuel Johar, chair of headhunter Buchanan Harvey. “Property companies are a bit like asset managers in that they do land banking”…

GSK prepares to squeeze value from health spin-off

The Telegraph, February 27, 2022

…”Positioning Sir Dave at the steering wheel of such an operation is something many see as a shrewd move. Dave will be a hands-on chairman”, says Samuel Johar, chairman of board advisory firm Buchanan Harvey. “This is key because neither the CEO nor the CFO have plc experience. And really, in my view, Dave was the best CEO that Unilever never appointed. He’s a really credible figure”…

GSK confident independent best treatment for consumer health unit

Financial Times, December 21, 2021

…Samuel Johar, chair of board advisory group Buchanan Harvey, said “the appointment of Lewis made the planned split and listing more likely. He has an excellent record in consumer goods…Whilst the
possibility of a sale must remain, having a credible chair allows the company to have greater control over the agenda”…

Emma Walmsley must win over staff in battle to make GSK great again

Sunday Telegraph, July 18, 2021

…”People are deeply frustrated” argues Samuel Johar, chairman of board advisory firm Buchanan Harvey. “After all, Emma said that the principal focus was drugs to get GSK to become a great pharmaceutical company again, but then why is someone with no background in drugs, or science at all, running the place.
It’s a bit like a top cardiologist coming to your bed in hospital and saying that they are going to operate on your brain tomorrow morning. It would be enough for you to leave your bed and run out of the door.
She is very well prepared, but you need to have some understanding of science”. Says Johar. “The pressure on her now is intolerable”…

Reckitt chief signals new era with sale of China baby formula unit

Financial Times, June 20, 2021

…Samuel Johar, who chairs the London based board advisory group Buchanan Harvey, said “Narasimhan was spending the early years of his leadership dealing with problems originating with Kapoor, while Kapoor spent his early years reaping the benefits of changes made by Becht”.

“In a company of that size, what happens in the first three or four years of the chief executive’s tenure is less their doing and more the momentum they inherit in the right and in the wrong”, he said…

Pascal Soriot: the pharma CEO navigating a vaccine storm

Financial Times, March 27, 2021

…Samuel Johar, who chairs Buchanan Harvey, a board advisory firm, argues “most leaders would not have agreed to partner with Oxford University in the first place. Any normal FTSE 100 company, deciding by committee, would have thought we are not going to make much money and so we don’t want to get involved. It is only because of this mercurial leadership style of Pascal that he managed to roll all the obstacles away and make it happen”…

BT Boardroom fracas “own goal” as company enters critical period

Financial Times, March 14, 2021

…”The new chairman must be a heavyweight, who Jansen can respect and enjoy working with”, said Samuel Johar, chairman of executive search firm Buchanan Harvey. “Someone who has been a successful chief executive of a large corporation and is an experienced chairman”…

Samuel Johar: Yes, Sir! NO Sir!

Financial Times, February 12, 2021

…”Glaxo SmithKline a great British icon has been brought down to its knees by the underperformance of Sir Christopher Gent, Sir Andrew Witty, Sir Philip Hampton and Dame Emma Walmsley”…

Next’s Simon Wolfson joins Deliveroo board

Financial Times, January 19, 2021

…Samuel Johar, chairman of executive search firm Buchanan Harvey, also said “it was too soon to start talking about Lord Wolfson heading for the non-executive circuit, despite his long tenure at Next. He is still relatively young and the company is performing well. I think this is more about learning, and it also gets him close to Amazon”…

AstraZeneca’s $39bn Alexion deal marks shift from prey to predator

Financial Times, November 14, 2020

…Samuel Johar, who chairs board advisory group Buchanan Harvey, said “the purchase underlined the Anglo-Swedish company’s transformation from prey to predator, six and a half years after Pfizer swooped on the then faltering AstraZeneca”…

Chairman of Pearson on shaky ground after rebellion

The Times, September 19, 2020

…Samuel Johar, chairman of Buchanan Harvey, a board advisory firm, said “It is unlikely that the chairman will survive in the medium term”…

Imperial Brands names new chief executive

Financial Times February 3, 2020

…Samuel Johar, chairman of board advisory company Buchanan Harvey, said that “Mr Bomhard was “solid rather than inspirational” but that at Inchcape he had “held the fort in a difficult market””…

Do bosses really want to be good?

The Sunday Times, January 19, 2020

…Samuel Johar, chairman of headhunter Buchanan Harvey, said: “Somewhere along the way, maximising shareholder value distorted into redistributing wealth from the many to the few. We must fix our system before it loses its legitimacy.”…

Storms batter funds giant M&G on its solo voyage

The Sunday Times, November 10, 2019

…”There is no doubt that Mike has too much on,” said Samuel Johar, chairman of executive search firm Buchanan Harvey.” I should be very surprised if he remains chairman of Just Eat once the transaction is completed.”…

Smith & Nephew chief executive to step down over low pay

Financial Times, October 22, 2019

…Samuel Johar, who chairs Buchanan Harvey, a board advisory firm, labelled the company as “utterly incompetent” for failing to anticipate how big a stumbling block the pay gap would be. He said: “There is no doubt that remuneration is a significant issue when recruiting from the US.”…
Mr Johar of Buchanan Harvey said: “I suspect that [Mr Nawana] was given the steer that the company will move its listing to the US, which was not deliverable.”…

Nigel Wilson, L&G’s Marmite man, proves an acquired taste

The Sunday Times, October 16, 2019

…”Nigel is considered to have done a good job,” said Samuel Johar, chairman of the executive search firm Buchanan Harvey, “but after seven years, he must be thinking of his career after L&G.”…

Reckitt Benckiser poaches Pepsi executive for top job

Financial Times, June 14, 2019

…Samuel Johar, the chairman of executive search firm Buchanan Harvey & Co, said Mr Narasimhan was a good pick.
“Laxman Narasimhan missed out on the top job at PepsiCo but he is a very capable executive,” said Mr Johar. “The combination of his consulting and industry experience gives him both the breadth and depth of knowledge of the consumer sector.”

Ofcom chief Sharon White appointed chair of John Lewis

Financial Times, June 6, 2019

..Some questioned her lack of retail experience. “Sharon White is a highly capable individual. However, the role of chairman at John Lewis is an executive one and therefore retail experience would have been helpful” said Samuel Johar, chairman of executive advisory group Buchanan Harvey…

GSK chairman to step down ahead of break-up

Financial Times, January 21, 2019

…Samuel Johar, who chairs Buchanan Harvey, a board advisory firm, criticised Sir Philip for taking too long to replace Andrew Witty, Ms Walmsley’s predecessor, under whom the decline of the company had started, he claimed. He had then selected a candidate without a pharma background. “Few people believe that Emma, bright as she is… was the best person to revive the drugs pipeline,” he added…

Out with the old, in with the new in the consumer goods sector

Financial Times, January 17, 2019

…”That may be what drove Mr Kapoor’s departure at Reckitt Benckiser”, said Samuel Johar, whose firm Buchanan Harvey advises boards and helps them run executive searches. …”There has been dissatisfaction among shareholders with Rakesh for a while and the board has moved to address it,” he said. “If they had allowed it to fester then they might well have faced an activist challenge and they would have lost control of the agenda.”…

GSK hopes Pfizer deal will leave it leaner but stronger

Financial Times, December 19, 2018

…Samuel Johar, chairman of board advisory firm Buchanan Harvey, argued it (pharma business) was likely to be a takeover target “because it is sub-scale with not a very strong pipeline”…

Justin King returns to M&S as non-executive director

Financial Times, December 11, 2018

…Samuel Johar at boardroom advisers Buchanan Harvey said Mr King could be well placed to eventually succeed Archie Norman as chairman. The five-year turnround of M&S that he is overseeing, which entails cutting costs and complexity, shifting at least a third of sales online and closing more than 100 stores, is due to be completed in 2022. By then Mr Norman will be 67..

Unilever veteran Alan Jope takes helm at critical time

Financial Times, November 30, 2018

…”While he certainly has the requisite skill set to do the job, the big challenge will be to generate more growth and rebuild trust with shareholders,” says Samuel Johar, of Buchanan Harvey, a board advisory firm. “Shareholders will want him to focus on being CEO of Unilever rather than being visible on the world stage as his predecessor was.”…

Market pauses its applause for Tesco’s “Drastic” Dave

Financial Times, October 5, 2018

…”Some people in the City wanted Archie Norman as chairman, but the partnership with John Allan has worked well,” said Samuel Johar, chairman of advisers Buchanan Harvey…

Debenhams takes risk with revamp

Financial Times, September 18, 2018

…Mr Sharp was presented as a trusted and hands-on retailer. “But it was the wrong appointment,” said Samuel Johar, chairman of boardroom advisers Buchanan Harvey…

The Royal Mail bosses with their fingers in too many pies

The Sunday Times, September 23, 2018

…”Recent events at Royal Mail do not reflect very well on the senior independent director and the chair of the remuneration committee,” said Samuel Johar, chairman of the headhunter Buchanan Harvey & Co.

Is Costa’s sale to Coca-Cola the end of Brittain’s empire?

The Sunday Times, September 2, 2018

…”Premier Inn should have its own boss,” said Samuel Johar, chairman of the headhunter Buchanan Harvey. “Whitbread lost control of the strategy.” He added: “It is a question as to how long the board will want Brittain to stay once the sale of Costa is complete.”

GSK board considers break-up of group

Financial Times, July 20, 2018

…Samuel Johar, chairman of Buchanan Harvey, a board advisory firm, said investors “just think something has to be done because the status quo is not working”.

Emma Walmsley plots course out of “hobbyland” for GSK

Financial Times, July 20, 2018

…Samuel Johar, who chairs the board advisory firm Buchanan Harvey, commented: “There is no other big pharma company in the world where neither the chairman nor the chief executive has a pharma background.”…

Unilever shareholders warn on HQ move to Netherlands

Financial Times, July 12, 2018

“The vote is finely balanced. It is not a slam dunk”, said Samuel Johar of Buchanan Harvey, a board advisory firm, who has spoken to several large shareholders.

Baldock signs up to upgrade at Dixons Carphone

Financial Times, April 13, 2018

…Samuel Johar of Buchanan Harvey, a board advisory firm, said: “Seb James is rightly considered to have done a good job after six years and it was probably time for a change both for Dixons and for Seb.”

GSK’s move for Pfizer’s consumer arm divides market

Financial Times, March 22, 2018

…Samuel Johar, of Buchanan Harvey, a board advisory firm, says: “The more they spend on consumer the less money they have to build a pipeline. If Novartis decided to exercise its “put” option, obliging GSK to buy the 36.5 per cent of the companies consumer joint venture that it does not already own, then the debt will go sky high”, he says…

Glaxo’s bid to find a tonic for investors

Sunday Times, February 4, 2018

…”GSK needs to restore its reputation as a global pharmaceutical giant, so doubling up on consumer healthcare seems an unlikely route to salvation,” said Samuel Johar, chairman of headhunter Buchanan Harvey…

How a long-simmering US “quagmire” shattered GKN

Financial Times, December 4, 2017

…”But the board misjudged their man” says Samuel Johar of executive search firm Buchanan Harvey. “To do a volte face on an internal candidate who supposedly you know intimately is deeply embarrassing.” he says. “Mike will certainly have to stay to let things settle in. But then it may be time for him to move on.”…

M&S looks to Archie Norman and Paddington for revival

The Sunday Times, November 12, 2017

…”For the first time in 20 years, M&S has a chairman who seems likely to be able to turn it around,” said Samuel Johar, chairman of the headhunter Buchanan Harvey.

Burberry finds itself at creative crossroads with Bailey departure

Financial Times, November 1, 2017

…”It is a very poor show by John Peace” says Samuel Johar, chairman of corporate headhunter Buchanan Harvey. “The real mistake was appointing Christopher Bailey as CEO” he adds. They then had to do this convoluted thing of finding a CEO in a two-headed structure. You would have thought it would last longer than three months but this two headed monster that John Peace created never had any chance of success.”

Reckitt Benckiser replaces long-serving chairman Adrian Bellamy

Financial Times, September 19, 2017

Samuel Johar, chairman of Buchanan Harvey, London based headhunters, said on Tuesday of Mr. Bellamy: “The move was overdue – six to nine years is more in line with best practice for a company of this size”

Unilever to review business following Kraft Heinz bid

Financial Times, February 22, 2017

…The company’s review of its business has also raised questions about its management. Samuel Johar, chairman of corporate headhunter Buchanan Harvey, said “We should give the board credit for acting so quickly. I am sure that one of the issues the board will be considering is the succession of the chief executive who has been there for eight years.”…

Will they mix?

The Sunday Times, February 19, 2017

…”I suspect that shareholders will accept a sweetened offer,” said Samuel Johar, chairman of the headhunter Buchanan Harvey. “Polman is not very popular, partly because he is seen as rather aloof and arrogant.”…

William Hill boss pays price for “blunders”

The Sunday Times, October 23, 2016

…Samuel Johar, chairman of headhunter Buchanan Harvey & Co, said Davies had suffered “two major slip-ups” at William Hill. “He had to fire a chief executive he had hired, and then blundered into discussions on a deal few people thought made sense. A chairman can survive one mishap, but not two,” said Johar…

Diageo names Javier Ferrán as new chairman

Financial Times, May 18, 2016

…Samuel Johar, chairman of headhunter Buchanan Harvey, which was not involved in the appointment process, said: “Mr Ferrán has a good pedigree, understands the sector and will have to take a view on the chief executive going forward.”

Cultural pressure at Tesco to over-reach caused crisis

Financial Times, 8th November, 2015

…Samuel Johar, chairman of headhunter Buchanan Harvey says “the tone and culture of organisations is set at the top and, to mitigate risk, chief executives must lead staff in the right direction. If the tone set is a bad one, then this can lead to all sorts of problems lower down.”

Veteran Italian dealmaker extends US reach

Financial Times, 28th October, 2015

…Samuel Johar, chairman of headhunter Buchanan Harvey says “He combines a very sharp intellect with an acute business sense and impeccable manners.”…”He is on good form” says Mr. Johar. “He lives for his work and thoroughly enjoys it.”

Rain or shine time for Debenhams chiefs

Financial Times, 16th October, 2015

…Samuel Johar, chairman of headhunter Buchanan Harvey says “Debenhams has not really managed to find its feet ever since it was refloated after private equity ownership. Maybe it is time for a fresh pair of eyes.”

New Tesco chairman seeks to win over shareholders

Financial Times – 18th February, 2015

…According to Samuel Johar, chairman of headhunter Buchanan Harvey: “John Allan is generally considered a wise man and he has a pleasant style. His record as chairman of Dixons is also pretty good. Dixons, don’t forget, also had its challenges He does have some experience of going into a troubled retailer and improving it as chairman.”…

Tesco appoints former Dixons head Allan as chairman

Financial Times, 17th February, 2015

…Samuel Johar, chairman of headhunter Buchanan Harvey said Mr Allan had a “good record at Exel, and as chairman of Dixons, and he is a pleasant and decent man”…

Stefano Pessina’s patience pays off at Alliance Boots

Financial Times 9th August, 2014

…Mr Pessina, says Samuel Johar, chairman of headhunter Buchanan Harvey, has built the business “block by block” to create a transatlantic drug retailing and wholesaling powerhouse…
…”At all times, he has spotted opportunities that would take him a step closer to his goal, and then been bold enough to grab them,” says Mr Johar…

Retail executives play musical chairs for sales growth prize

Financial Times – 30th July, 2014

…”There is a decent pool. We are a nation of shopkeepers; our retail companies tend to be flush with talent,” says Samuel Johar, chairman of headhunter Buchanan Harvey. He adds: “Finance directors tend to make good chairmen. They are accustomed to not taking the limelight, instead advising and counselling.”…

Lewis’s first task is to ensure price is right

Financial Times – 22nd July, 2014

…According to Samuel Johar, chairman of headhunter Buchanan Harvey: “His entire life at Unilever has been about brands. Tesco is an out-of-love brand, and he needs to invigorate it through a combination of advertising, marketing, the format of the stores and service.”

Marks and Spencer finance chief jumps ship for Tesco

Financial Times – 11th July, 2014

…Samuel Johar, chairman of headhunter Buchanan Harvey, said of Mr Stewart: “He has a good reputation as a finance director. The question will be whether he can stand up to Philip Clarke, who is a very dominating character.”…

M&S reshuffle sparks speculation over chief’s successor

Financial Times – 5th July, 2014

…Samuel Johar, chairman of headhunter Buchanan Harvey, says: “The fact that M&S is grooming internal talent is a good thing. They just have to keep an eye out that they don’t start competing so aggressively that it is detrimental to the company.”

Next chief hands his £4m bonus to staff

Financial Times – 10th April, 2014

…Samuel Johar, chairman of headhunter Buchanan Harvey, said of Lord Wolfson’s decision to forfeit his award again this year: “I think it is very generous of him. He is doing it from a position of strength, because the performance of Next is very good. He is under no obligation to give up his incentives, and I am sure the staff are very grateful for the gesture.”…

Wm Morrison sparks fears of price war

Financial Times – 14th March, 2014

…But Samuel Johar, chairman of headhunter Buchanan Harvey, said of Sir Ian: “His position is looking increasingly untenable. His record as chairman is not very impressive, either at Trinity Mirror or at Morrison.”

Co-op turns to Pennycook as interim chief

Financial Times – 12th March, 2014

…”Frankly, Wm Morrison may have been in better shape had they appointed [Mr Pennycook],” says Mr Johar. “I think he will be a very strong internal candidate for the chief executive job at the Co-op.”

Mike Ashley in line for £65m share award from Sports Direct

Financial Times – 11th March, 2014

…Samuel Johar, chairman of headhunter Buchanan Harvey, said the package was “difficult to begrudge” because Mr Ashley had made money for shareholders and also rewarded staff with a share bonus scheme…

Sainsbury picks insider Coupe to succeed Justin King

Financial Times – 30th January, 2014

…”It is a bit like turning the page, rather than starting a new chapter,” says Samuel Johar, chairman of headhunter Buchanan Harvey. “The strategy of J Sainsbury has been set by Justin. What it now needs is good execution and continuity.”…

King checks out with Sainsbury on a high

Financial Times – 29th January, 2014

…Samuel Johar, chairman of headhunter Buchanan Harvey, said “Mr King had been supported by his chairmen, first Sir Philip Hampton and then David Tyler.
Sir Philip, who chaired Sainsbury during the initial turnround and dealt with a lot of distractions such as the Qatari stake, provided the air cover Mr King required to focus effectively on running the business,” Mr Johar said…

Angela Ahrendts checks out of Burberry for slice of Apple

Financial Times – 15th October, 2013

…”She has experience in premium. She’s comfortable with technology. She’s American, so the cultural fit will be less challenging,” says Samuel Johar, chairman of headhunter Buchanan Harvey…
…”The creative brain and the management brain can often be two different things,” says Buchanan

Harvey’s Mr Johar. “There is not a huge track record of creative directors becoming great managers, so it remains to be seen whether he can make the transition.”…

Criticism takes shine off M&S results

Financial Times – 7th November, 2012

…Samuel Johar, chairman of headhunter Buchanan Harvey, said: “If M&S has a bad Christmas, then pressure on Mr Bolland will become quite severe.”…

Bostock quits as M&S clothing suffers

Financial Times – 12th July, 2012

…”John Dixon has done a very good job in food,” said Samuel Johar, chairman of headhunter Buchanan Harvey. “However, he does not have any clothing experience, and therefore the jury is out.”…

Dealmaking flair of Alliance Boots head

Financial Times – 22nd June, 2012

…But according to Samuel Johar, chairman of headhunter Buchanan Harvey: “Too many retail leaders are doers rather than thinkers. Stefano is a thinker. And he is also prepared to be bold. He has done a really fantastic job at Boots, when the previous management floundered. Despite the fact that he paid a huge premium, he has managed to elicit far more value than anyone imagined.”…

Swann announces exit from WH Smith

Financial Times – 12th October, 2012

…Samuel Johar, chairman of headhunter Buchanan Harvey, said: “I think she has done very well. When she took over, WH Smith was considered to be one of the most difficult retail turnrounds.

It was the butt of jokes that much of the footfall of WH Smith was people sheltering from the rain rather than going in to buy things. The fact that she has managed to turn it round and is leaving it in good shape is very commendable”….
…”She will be in demand from big retail groups and if there is any substance to the talk of a private equity bid being lined up for M&S, she could certainly be a candidate for that,” said Mr Johar…

Gould leads race to become BG chairman

Financial Times – October 6, 2011

…”A new chairman will have to lead the succession. It’s a big task as Frank Chapman is a difficult act to follow,” said Samuel Johar, chairman of the headhunter Buchanan Harvey…

Mothercare Appoints New Chairman

Financial Times – August 3, 2011

…Samuel Johar, chairman of the headhunter Buchanan Harvey, said “Mr Parker had carried out significant restructuring and repositioning at Whitbread. He also brought consumer experience whether through hotels, restaurants or coffee shops. The only area where there was some question mark was the extent of Mr Parker’s international experience,” Mr Johar said. “In terms of coming in and taking a good look at Mothercare and deciding on a path forward, he did a similar exercise at Whitbread,” Mr Johar said…

You Can’t Sack Me, I’m a Bankaaaagh!

Sunday Times – July 31, 2011

…”The single most astonishing thing after the financial crisis was the speed at which senior-level recruitment in banking recovered to 2007 levels” said Samuel Johar of headhunter Buchanan Harvey.

“The correction taking place now was postponed by the bailouts and quantitative easing that pumped cash into the banking system. While everybody wishes to see a healthy banking sector, businesses in other sectors and taxpayers did feel somewhat bitter that the sector that had caused the crisis was not suffering much pain at all.”…

Tesco Picks Barclays’ Broadbent as Chairman

Financial Times – May 12, 2011

…Samuel Johar, chairman of headhunter Buchanan Harvey, said Sir Richard was “a heavyweight and well known in UK business and government circles”.

“But clearly he does not come from the conventional background of having run a big international business,” he said….

Swannell Favourite to Become M&S Chairman

Financial Times – August 20, 2010

…Samuel Johar, chairman of Buchanan Harvey, the head-hunters, said: “Given that M&S’s relations with the City are a little frayed, Robert Swannell’s intimate knowledge of the City and clubbable style would certainly help improve relations.”…

Beeston to Leave Serco After 25-Year ‘Milestone’

Financial Times – October 14, 2009

… Samuel Johar, chairman of headhunters Buchanan Harvey, said Mr Beeston’s skills would be in demand. “He’s done a fantastic job. He’s also a very nice guy and doesn’t have the airs and graces of an FTSE 100 chairman,” he said…

TV struggles in Game of Matchmaking

Financial Times – October 2, 2009

…Samuel Johar, chairman of headhunters Buchanan Harvey, said: “Now that the chief executive appointment has fallen through and they are starting a new search it would be difficult to find a heavyweight player with Crispin as chairman.
The important thing is to have complimentary characters. So if you have a super-ego as chief executive, then you would be better off with a chairman who didn’t seek the headlines. But if your chief executive was lower profile, you’d need a more public face from your chairman.”…

Mandelson Likely to be in Demand if Labour Ousted

Financial Times – September 14, 2009

…Samuel Johar, chairman of Buchanan Harvey, said there would be great demand from companies for Lord Mandelson’s services because he was a “top calibre individual”. Not only was he pragmatic – lacking the ideological inflexibility common among politicians – but he was also sociable and charming, said Mr Johar. “You could possibly see someone like Ed Balls finding something in the private sector, maybe, but Lord Mandelson is head and shoulders above the rest of them,” he told the Financial Times…
…Mr Johar suggested Lord Mandelson could make “£1m, £2m, £3m” a year in the private sector…
…Gordon Brown’s prospects, by contrast, are not in the same league, say headhunters.
“You need people in the private sector who can distil something complex into a simple message. Gordon Brown is the opposite,” Mr Johar said. “Also, he does not seem a particularly sociable kind of guy . . How many people would look forward to having a coffee with him?”

Tyler set to take Sainsbury chair

Financial Times – September 14, 2009

…Samuel Johar, chairman of headhunter Buchanan Harvey, said Mr Tyler’s low-profile style would complement that of Justin King, Sainsbury chief executive. “He has a keen intellect, good City experience, and a modest style,” he said…

Road to the Top Job Need Not be a Rocky One

The Sunday Times – August 31, 2009

…External succession is the preferred route and in other companies it is easier to see succession planning. John Allen, who has just joined the board of 3i, must be a favourite to succeed Lady Hogg as chairman. That is certainly the view of Samuel Johar, a City headhunter, who said Allen is a heavyweight with a good track record of running global businesses…

Candidates in Short Supply for Top Bank Jobs

Financial Times – July 2, 2009

… Samuel Johar, chairman of executive search company Buchanan Harvey, said: “A lot of people have made mistakes and therefore their reputations are not as pristine as we need in a banking crisis.
“And this is at a time when the regulators and public opinion are looking for chairmen with banking experience, which constricts the pool dramatically.”…

Subtle Successor to ‘Big Beast’ Needed

Financial Times – May 16 2009

…Samuel Johar, chairman of recruiter Buchanan Harvey, said: “This is a tough challenge, but they need somebody with a background in media.
“It is too challenging a company to pull in an outsider to try their hand at it.
“ITV needs somebody who is a heavyweight media figure to give reassurance to investors but also to advertising clients that this is a company that will be well run, make good programmes and get a grip on itself.”…

Personal Contacts Still the Best Way In

Financial Times – 5th May, 2009

…Samuel Johar, chairman of executive search firm Buchanan Harvey, says: “It was not considered good corporate governance for the chairman to essentially bring his friends and former colleagues on to the board. There are also areas where companies have had to be flexible and bringing more women on the board has been one of these areas.”…

…Mr Johar says: “There is a certain demand for people who have good contacts and the experience of raising capital or refinancing because when companies need to raise capital these people can add a lot of speed to the process and help to avoid a lot of banana skins.”…

Clock ticks in BP race to pick chairman

Financial Times – February 17, 2009

…Samuel Johar, chairman of Buchanan Harvey, a rival headhunter, says: “What they need to do now is start again with a blank sheet of paper and take a fresh look at all possible candidates, including ones they might have rejected in the past.”…

Challenges Await Reed’s Surprise Choice

Financial Times – November 5, 2008

…”It’s not the most obvious choice for Reed”, said Samuel Johar, chairman of Buchanan Harvey, the FTSE 100 headhunter. “However, he has experience in a broad range of sectors and he’s dealt with private equity”…

Recession Recruitment

Financial Times – 28th October 2008

…”The biggest recruitment challenge that companies face during a recession is demonstrating to a potential employee the stability and prospects of the organisation. Candidates are understandably nervous and are minded to stick with the devil that they know in a climate of uncertainty. The opportunity that companies have is that the current employers of many excellent candidates will be destabilised or have limited prospects. Therefore, if a company can offer demonstrably better prospects then there will be a lot of top calibre candidates who will be receptive to a approach now when they may not have been in the past.” said Samuel Johar, chairman of Buchanan Harvey, the FTSE 100 headhunter.

Strategic Shift is Bringing in Outsiders

Financial Times – 5th September 2008

… “This is the next step and probably a good one,” said Samuel Johar, chairman of Buchanan Harvey, the FTSE 100 headhunter, who argues that few companies can continue to promote from within, decade after decade, and still flourish.

“General Electric tends to promote from within but that is not a great example to follow for the likes of Unilever because the GE management is highly rated and there is always a surplus of brilliant people.”…

Financial services braced for job losses

Financial Times – April 18, 2008

“Samuel Johar, chairman of Buchanan Harvey, the FTSE 100 headhunter, says the pain is not being spread evenly but will affect all areas of the City.
This is the first time in a few decades that the financial services sector will bear the brunt of the downturn,” Mr. Johar says. “In 2001 the brunt of the pain was borne by the technology, media and telecoms sector, and in 1991 it was borne by the manufacturing sector. This time financial services is the downturn.”

“The recruitment firms with big exposures to financial services will have a very tough time,” Mr. Johar says

McAdam team faces tough challenges on road ahead

Financial Times – March 22, 2008

…Samuel Johar, chairman of Buchanan Harvey, an executive recruiter, says: “There is euphoria surrounding these appointments but ultimately the jury is out.
“This is a bold and interesting move. McAdam managed to improve performance and sell a company. But that doesn’t mean he can do it again.”

A Suitable Candidate for Re-engineering

Financial Times – September 27, 2007

… This view is shared by Samuel Johar of Buchanan Harvey, the head-hunter. “Philip Bowman is a top-quality chief executive when a company is planning to be restructured and sold. He created a lot of value at Allied Domecq and Scottish Power. But he is not the chief executive a company would appoint to grow a business for the long term.”

Mackenzie Seeking to Rally Parry Opponents

Financial Times – July 5 2007

…Samuel Johar, of Buchanan Harvey, the executive search firm, said: “To have several directorships and then take on an executive chairmanship of a public company, however small, does pose the question of whether he would be able to devote sufficient time and effort to all of the roles.”

CFO Eeyore Must Become Tigger of No 10

Financial Times, June 25, 2007

…”The chief executive’s job is to be ambitious, take risks and grow the organisation,” says Samuel Johar of Buchanan Harvey, the executive search firm. “The finance director’s entire training is to control risk and be risk-averse.”
Mr Johar says that while the finance director might seem the natural successor when the top job becomes vacant – an insider whose record is known – clients usually prefer someone with general management

experience. “Most finance directors think they could become chief executives, but they couldn’t. One in 10 will have the necessary qualities – but they are the exception rather than the rule.”

Sports World Seeking Chairman

Financial Times – January 31, 2007

…Samuel Johar, chairman of the executive search firm Buchanan Harvey, said: “It would be a more acceptable arrangement from an investor’s point of view if there was an independent chairman and maybe Mike Ashley could be a deputy chairman like Stefano.”

Private Sector Beckons

Financial Times – January 17, 2007

Samuel Johar, chairman of Buchanan Harvey and Co, the headhunter, said: “He could easily be taken on as a senior executive [at a listed group], though not so obviously as a CEO. “As a non-exec he could expect to get on to boards too.”…

Woolworths Issues Profits Alert

Financial Times – December 6, 2006

Samuel Johar, chairman of the executive search firm Buchanan Harvey, said: “If Woolworths does not deliver through Christmas then the chief executive’s position has to be uncertain.”…

Too Soon to Make Light of Corporate Governance Burden

Financial Times – November 7, 2006

…As Samuel Johar of the UK headhunters Buchanan Harvey puts it, “FTSE 100 chief executives have the power of patronage. They can write cheques for hundreds of millions and make or break careers. That’s why they have the world chasing them”…

Search Firm Appointed to Find ITV’S New Boss

Financial Times – August 12, 2006

…”The first thing ITV needs to do is to get its core business right,” said Samuel Johar, chairman of Buchanan Harvey, the executive search firm. “They need to get somebody who can get the creative side right. The City would give a real thumbs-down if they appoint another finance guy now.”

Lord Browne Sets His Successor a Deadline

Financial Times – July 26, 2006

..Samuel Johar, chairman of Buchanan Harvey & Co., the headhunter, said: “I think it is the correct decision for Lord Browne to step down. A certain amount of apprehension by somebody who has spent his entire working life in one company is understandable.”
But he added that the board lacked independence and that this had contributed to it mishandling the situation and allowing the rift to leak. “Usually companies time the retirement of the chief executive and chairman in a way that there is a suitable gap between the two departures. BP is in the somewhat strange situation whereby the chief executive will have served 13 years by 2008 and the chairman will have been in situ for more than nine years,” he said.
For Lord Browne, who yesterday confirmed what everyone already knew when he said “I am absolutely hooked on business,” those will be soothing thoughts as he watches his underlings home in on his desk while he plots his own second act.

Prebensen Settles after Turbulent Start

Financial Times – March 22, 2006

“He has lost one of his lives,” says Samuel Johar, chairman of head-hunters Buchanan Harvey, but then events like Katrina are not going to happen every year.”

Capita Co-Founder Quits over £1m Loan to Labour

Financial Times – March 24, 2006

Samuel Johar, chairman of Buchanan Harvey, the head-hunting firm, said: “If Rod had stayed on, Capita could have suffered from public sector organisations distancing themselves when handing out contracts.”

Vodafone’s Network Battler

Financial Times – March 11, 2006

“It has been difficult for Sarin to make a clean break with Vodafone’s past,” says Samuel Johar, chairman of headhunter Buchanan Harvey. “When he started in 2003 there was an overlap with the old guard. How does one make an about-turn and say the former strategy was wrong?”

Accountancy Firms Hope to Finesse their Hands with Choice of Leaders

Financial Times – February 21, 2006

“KPMG’s choice is in stark contrast to E&Y, who’ve appointed a very young, energetic guy,” says Samuel Johar, chairman of Buchanan Harvey, an executive search firm.
The E&Y choice, he notes, is consistent with a notable trend among listed companies. “Look at the FTSE 100, too, and we’re seeing dynamic and charismatic guys such as Andy Hornby at HBOS and Willie Walsh at BA become chief executives,” he says.

Bad News May Have Deterred Candidate

Financial Times – February 8, 2006

Samuel Johar, chairman of Buchanan Harvey, executive headhunter, said: “Mr. Cousins must be doing his due diligence to the extent that the damage from the recent financial irregularities has been quantified and the totality of it is known.
“He will want to be reassured that there are no more skeletons in the cupboard,” he added.

Compass Faces Criticism Over Executive Pay

Financial Times – February 4, 2006

Samuel Johar, chairman of headhunter Buchanan Harvey, said: “The priority should be for them to get the best guy. What is insensitive is when an underperforming company pays its long-time executives too much.

Headhunters Lured to Different Climes

Financial Times – February 3, 2006

“There will be a certain number of Indian and Chinese companies who see London as an attractive city to do business in,” says Samuel Johar of Buchanan Harvey.

Meet The New Breed Of Chief Executive: Closer To Kindergarten Than Retirement Age

Financial Times – 7th January, 2006

According to Samuel Johar, of Buchanan Harvey, the executive search firm, “over the last 10 or 15 years there has been a distinct trend towards appointing younger chief executives. Fifteen years ago, a chief executive of a FTSE 100 company in his 30s would have been unheard of. If you include people in their early 40s, there are even more”
Mr. Johar reckons today’s pressures on chief executives require a level of energy and enthusiasm that the more, shall we say, mature person, may not have. Twenty years ago, he suggests, chief executives delegated far more and travelled far less than they do today.
Mr. Johar, of Buchanan Harvey, says: “It is a good thing in the sense that chronological age is no longer considered to be a huge factor in the evaluation of somebody’s ability to do a job. Also it means there are more 55-year-olds ready to take on non-executive jobs.”

Royal Mail Offers Headhunters Tempting Job

Financial Times – 27th October,2005

Samuel Johar, chairman of Buchanan Harvey & Co, the London headhunter, said: “An organisation like Royal Mail is an acquired taste which does not appeal to everybody. It appeals to a certain kind of high-calibre person who deliberately wants to go in a different direction and opt out of the rat race of plcs.” The high-profile nature of being a director of a company that affects virtually everyone in the land, allied to the regulatory constraints inherent in the role, would deter some otherwise highly qualified candidates, Mr. Johar said. “You need to tap the right kind of creature.”

Headhunted, Shortlisted . . . and Fired

Financial Times – 8th October, 2005

Samuel Johar, chairman of Buchanan Harvey & Co, the London headhunter, lamented the trend for shortlists to find their way into the newspapers, Mr. Johar believes so, while stressing that company chairmen have to maintain the confidentiality of the search.

Compass, Contract Caterer in Crisis

Financial Times – 29th September, 2005

Samuel Johar, chairman of head-hunter Buchanan Harvey, says: “They would do well to get somebody like Kevin Beeston, executive chairman of Serco.”

Under Which Shell a New Chairman

Financial Times – 20th May, 2005

Samuel Johar, chairman of headhunter Buchanan Harvey, has a provocative name to throw into the ring.

What about Lord Patten, whose European commitment and political skills are beyond doubt? As one of the fathers of the proposed European Union constitution, Kerr is well acquainted with Patten

Who might go for Myners after M&S

Financial Times – 18th May, 2005

Among companies on the lookout for a chairman is Lloyds TSB Group, where a search by Anna Mann has not yet found a successor to Maarten van den Bergh. Lloyds TSB “would be a good company for someone like Paul Myners”, says Samuel Johar, chairman of the executive search firm Buchanan Harvey
Recent tension between Myners and other M&S directors may have dimmed his lustre somewhat. “It never helps you in this sort of situation to end up in a little bit of a public spat,” Johar says

Rising Regulation Leaves No Time to Run the Business

Financial Times – 3rd May,2005

Samuel Johar, chairman of the headhunting firm Buchanan Harvey, said: “Do the best Oxbridge graduates want to go to private equity and hedge funds rather than listed companies, The answer now is yes.
There will, however, always be those willing to shoulder the burden”. Johar said: “It’s all about being a captain of industry, about being part of the business establishment. The private-equity guy has to stand in the rain waiting for a taxi like the rest of us.”

Invensys Chief Tripped But Avoids Being Fall Guy

Financial Times – 8th April,2005

“The hand of cards he was dealt was an atrocious one,” says Samuel Johar, chairman of Buchanan Harvey. “Yes, he underestimated, but given the scale of the problems he’s done a creditable job.”

Evaluation: Boards Look Outside for Help

Financial Times – 10th March,2005

Samuel Johar, chairman of headhunter Buchanan Harvey, agrees. Many outside consultants use board evaluations to “massage the ego” of the chairman, he says. Some chairmen only want to hear sycophantic evaluations from their consultants, often from broad questionnaires sent round to all directors. “Every consultant in town has devised a [board evaluation] product and started flogging it to clients,” he says. Such assessments might cost £30,000 a year.
Mr. Johar says he charges a premium price of £100,000. His service includes interviews with all directors and close co-ordination with chairman to identify the company’s current skill-set and the challenges facing the business over the next four to five years.
If skills are lacking, new directors should be hired, he believes. Directors who no longer serve a useful function should retire when their three year contract is up.

Responsibilities of Non-Executive Directors: Companies are Mining “The Marzipan Layer”

Financial Times – 10th March, 2005

Samuel Johar, chairman of Buchanan Harvey, the City headhunter, says “fees for being chairman of an audit committee have been rising rapidly and can be expected in time to be £25,000-£30,000 a year more than the £40,000 customary for an ordinary non-exec. This reflects the fact that the work commitment may well be double”.

Long Hours and Flat Bonuses Bring High-Flyers Down

Financial Times – 18th February, 2005

Samuel Johar, chairman of Buchanan Harvey, the head-hunters, said that the arrival of the large US investment banks in the City of London had changed people’s attitudes towards a career in banking. “The American banks have become more dominant and expect their employees to remain on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week in return for becoming a multi-millionaire,” he said

Unilever House Gets Modern Facelift, Old Corporate Structure May Be Next

Financial Times – 5th February, 2005

As Samuel Johar, chairman of Buchanan Harvey, the headhunters, says: “Every lunch I have at the Savoy at the moment, captains of British industry worry about what happened at Shell and whether the same is going to happen at Unilever.”

Women Step Up Drive to Break into British Boardrooms

The Sunday Times – 12th December, 2004

Samuel Johar, chief executive of Buchanan Harvey, the City headhunter, said: “The real problem is that not enough saplings were planted 20 years ago or have been nurtured since. Yet everyone is out there trying to harvest mature trees.”

A Headhunter that Fails to Bag the Game

Financial Times – 8th October 2004

However, the group’s experience outside the US appears to be at odds with other headhunters. Samuel Johar, chairman of Buchanan Harvey & Co says: “From our point of view, the search market is buoyant and there is quite a lot of activity at senior levels, main board appointments of leading public companies. We see the trading conditions as much more favourable than 2001, 2002 and even 2003, so far.” Another leading London headhunter also says the market is showing no sign of weakness.

Learning to Live in the Fish Bowl

Financial Times – 5th August 2004

Samuel Johar, chairman of Buchanan Harvey & Co, the headhunter, says that in the 1990’s there was concern that there would be a brain drain from business to private equity. Private Equity had a lot to offer people because of the sheer wealth that could be garnered in a short amount of time, but this is not happening as much any more.

Realising investments through initial public offerings has also become harder. Uncertainty in global equity markets means many companies are no longer able to list their investments at the same types of multiples they experienced during the late 1990’s. This means the carry the share of the profits that flow to the private equity partners is smaller. “A lot of cream has been taken off the cake and people are having to work much harder for their profits at private equity firms,” Mr. Johar says

Search Firms Eye Executive Candidates

Financial Times – 3rd June 2004

Samuel Johar, chairman of Buchanan Harvey & Co. said: “M&S is unstable and therefore anybody conducting a search would look there because its people would be more responsive to an approach.”
Paul Myners, a non-executive director of M & S has become interim chairman. Head Hunters said the new chairman would need to work with Mr. Rose as well as protect shareholder’s interests in the face of a bid from Mr. Green. However, Mr. Johar suggested serious candidates may be reluctant to come forward until the status of the company was resolved.

Bidders Sniff As Rentokil Row Rumbles On

Financial Times – 21st May 2004

But Samuel Johar, chairman of headhunter Buchanan Harvey, said: “An excellent business career and record has probably been slightly blighted by the same old problem of people staying on for too long. Sir Clive should have left when he gave up the Chief Executive’s role. Then he would have walked into another FTSE 100 company as chairman.”

Spinners Turn Their Backs On Money Business

Financial Times – 15th April 2004

Samuel Johar, chairman of headhunters Buchanan Harvey, says many political advisers are of “high calibre” who would have done well in banking or management consultancy, but want to stay close to politics and government. “They are not unsuitable per se. There is an established career path for corporate positions. There isn’t really a slot into which they can slide particularly well.”

Power Struggle Starts for Crown of Headhunting

The Sunday Times, Business – 11th April 2004

…Samuel Johar of Buchanan Harvey headhunters said: “When someone gets a good reputation, businessmen naturally gravitate towards them. Leading chief executives and leading human-resources managers follow the big names”.

The smaller headhunting firms also contain highly successful figures. There are John Viney and Milena Djurdjevic at Zygos Partnership as well as Johar at Buchanan Harvey.
The appointment of Sir Ian Prosser as chairman of J Sainsbury was Mann’s final big recommendation. When he was rejected in less than a week, it left a big stain on her reputation and on that of the company. Johar said: “Prosser’s non-appointment has to go down as one of the most embarrassing episodes for both a company and its advisers…”

Whitehead Mann hunts growth in America and Asia

The Sunday Times (Business) – 11th April 2004

Samuel Johar of Buchanan Harvey, a rival, has launched a stinging attack on Whitehead Mann, particularly its failed appointment for the chairmanship of J. Sainsbury: “The company was damaged by the embarrassing non-appointment of Sir Ian Prosser to J Sainsbury,” he said
Headhunters who for too long have rubber-stamped pre-determined appointments will become a thing of the past.

Head-Hunters Feel the Heat in Quality Quest

Financial Times – 21st February 2004

Samuel Johar, chairman of head-hunters Buchanan Harvey & Co., says formal references are taken once a candidate has received an offer. But informal references and soundings are taken all the way through the search process. These could range from talking to former colleagues or picking up market intelligence over lunches and dinners…

Top Slots in the Corporate Sector that are in Need of Quality Personnel

Financial Times – 14th February 2004

Samuel Johar, chairman of Buchanan Harvey & Co, the headhunter says: “We do have a wave of vacancies. It does not say anything. It is just coincidence.” But he does note that some of the companies with vacancies to fill, notable ITV, the BBC, BAE Systems and WHSmith, have specific challenges that new appointees will have to tackle.

Old Boy Network Begins To Feel The Pressure

Financial Times – 14th February 2004

“There is certainly a network based on mutual back scratching which does not necessarily involve schools and colleges but, essentially, comes together by virtue of the jobs that executives are in,” says Samuel Johar, chairman of Buchanan Harvey & Co, the headhunter “Very few people felt at the time that John McGrath and Lord Blyth were ideal candidates,” says Mr. Johar. “It has now been demonstrated, at least in the case of John McGrath, that he was not the right individual.”

The Chief Executive’s Chair Comes Under Siege from Younger Fitter Individuals

Financial Times – 30th December 2003

Also only 36 is Dominique Yates, business development director at Imperial Tobacco. Based in France, Mr. Yates is responsible for all the acquisitions, joint ventures and alliances for the £12bn-a-year cigarette group and has yet to land a board position.
Samuel Johar, of head-hunters Buchanan Harvey & Co, who placed Mr. Yates at Imperial, thinks it will not be long before he gets there.
Two more senior executives tipped for the top by Mr. Johar are John Manzoni, 41, and Tony Hayward, 46. Both are at BP, and Mr. Johar says “one will probably succeed Lord Browne and the other will be quickly snapped up”

No Loss of Good Spirit in Spite of the Loss of a Good Job at the Top of the Tree

Financial Times – 16th December 2003

Samuel Johar of Buchanan Harvey & Co, the headhunters, thinks he is more likely to be considered for the chairmanship of a FTSE 250 company. “His performance and calibre is probably better than one is likely to conclude by purely looking at the performance of Safeway. He would do well, though, to take up a chair of a FTSE 250 and a couple of non-executive directorships and, depending on his performance, he could land a FTSE 100 in two to three years time.” he says.

Norris Says Jarvis Role Won’t Halt Mayor Bid

Financial Times – 26th November 2003

…Samuel Johar, chairman of headhunter Buchanan Harvey & Co, said: “He clearly appears to be hedging his bets and if he was totally confident of winning the mayoral election, he would probably not be taking on the chairmanship of Jarvis”.

Just Wasting Away in Public View

Financial Times – 17th November 2003

…Samuel Johar, chairman of headhunters Buchanan Harvey & Co., also said yesterday: If Steven Norris still considers himself to be a serious candidate for the mayor of London role, then he would have to think twice before taking on the chairmanship and becoming the public face of Jarvis.

Top jobs for the girls? Far too few in our lifetime

The Observer; 16th November 2003

Samuel Johar, chairman of headhunters Buchanan Harvey& Co, says “Some boards now give mandates stipulating that they want a woman to fill the vacancy.Previously, these boards would not have taken the risk of appointing someone different” said Johar. “Now they think the safe thing is to have a woman on the board” But, he says, “that kind of knee-jerk appointment is no more healthy than the previous reluctance to consider a woman”.

How to Get Your Stationary Chain Moving

Financial Times – 16th October 2003

Samuel Johar, chairman of headhunter Buchanan Harvey & Co, said: “Cleary there is a perception she will be more receptive to calls now than she may have been 18 months ago, because at the time she was still in the race to become chief executive of WH Smith.”..

A Diamond at the Heart of Barclays Capital

Financial Times – 10th October 2003

“Bob Diamond will certainly be on top of the list for most headhunters, given his track record in developing Barclays Capital,” said Samuel Johar, chairman of headhunters Buchanan Harvey & Co.

Marconi Appoints Finance Director

Financial Times – 24th July 2003

“This is a bit of a coup for Marconi”, said Samuel Johar, chairman of Buchanan Harvey & Co, the executive search firm. “Pavi combines operational and corporate experience and is also one of the more commercial finance executives. They’ve done well on this one.”

De La Rue Chief Expected to Quit

Financial Times – 12th July 2003

Samuel Johar, chairman of Buchanan Harvey, the headhunter, said yesterday: “Mr. Much arrived at De La Rue with a halo round his head resulting from his time at T&N but he has not lived up to his reputation.”

Hero’s Reward Awaits Outgoing Chairman.

Financial Times – 18th June 2003

So what next? Samuel Johar, executive search consultant, is in no doubt he will get a good job, but probably not heading a FTSE 100 company. He says: “He could probably be divisional head of a FTSE 100 or lead a FTSE 250. He could also go with finance and lead a buy-in somewhere. He’s certainly got the credibility to do that.”


Financial Times – 5th June, 2003

Serco has appointed David Richardson, finance director of Whitbread, the FTSE 100 leisure group, a non-executive director. He will also take up the chairmanship of the audit committee next April when Rhidian Jones stands down. The search was led by Buchanan Harvey.

Reed’s Reviver Has no Need for Rocket Science

Financial Times – 8th May 2003

“A lot of people forget quite how much on the back foot he was, not for months but for years,” says Samuel Johar, chairman of executive search firm Buchanan Harvey.

Executives to Provide a Run for Their Money

Financial Times – 20th April 2003

According to Samuel Johar, chairman of Buchanan Harvey, the headhunters, executives may soon even be able to hold their own in the Square Mile: “Until this year, chief executives were usually the lowest paid person in the room when they met their advisers.”

No Easy Task in Filling These Boots

Financial Times – 28th March 2003

While some headhunters argue that tough times deter movement, Samuel Johar, chairman of Buchanan, Harvey & Co, disagrees: “Leading companies should be able to appoint chairmen and chief executives even in this climate.”

City to Upturn Gravy Train in Quest for Recruits

Financial Times – 25th January 2003

Samuel Johar, who runs Buchanan Harvey, which specialises in finding non-execs, says in general non-exec searches are often not as sophisticated as those aimed at finding executive directors. He says: “Unfortunately, they tend to be done in a slightly amateurish manner, the headhunters ring up their existing contacts and clients and give them a non-executive post as a reward.” Mr. Johar says there are a lot of bright graduates going into the United Nations and not for profit organisations. “They could be non-execs but only in certain types of companies like BP, which needs international experience. But we have never recruited any of them because the demand has not been there”

Boardroom Shake-Up: Quality of Recruiting Service is Set to Improve

Financial Times – 21st January 2003

Samuel Johar of Buchanan Harvey & Co. called for any changes to allow companies a “significant transitional period”. “The pool of non-executives must expand. A mass scramble for more non-executives will not be good for businesses, if what they want is quality.” In the US where there are more non-executives on companies, boards than executives, this has not always promoted good corporate governance.”

Tough Turnround Man Pleases C&W Investors

Financial Times – 10th January 2003

“Richard Lapthorne is tough operator,” says Samuel Johar, chairman of headhunters Buchanan Harvey & Co. “He will not shrink from taking difficult decisions.”

C&W Set for Ejection from the FTSE 100

Financial Times – 11th December 2002

“The non-executives have been deficient in carrying out their responsibilities and have presided over Graham Wallace’s incorrect strategy at Global, “said Samuel Johar, chairman of headhunters Buchanan Harvey & Co. “Given that Sir Ralph Robins [chair-man] was responsible for appointing Graham Wallace as chief executive and that he presided over the appointment of David Nash as chairman, let’s hope he does a better job of choosing the new chairman.”

C&W Surprised by Shareholders’ Savagery

Financial Times – 14th November 2002

Samuel Johar, chairman of headhunters Buchanan Harvey & Co, said “C&W’s board may have held back from looking for a replacement to Mr. Wallace, as some of the directors had been instrumental in his appointment in the first place.” Mr. Johar said: “It looks to be a case of not rocking the boat for anyone. The board certainly needs new blood. The problem is that as the company gets into worse shape this is always harder to do.”

A Powerful Mix of Tenacity and Focus

Financial Times – 21st October 2002

Samuel Johar, of Buchanan Harvey, the headhunter, who has close contacts with current and former Diageo executives, suggests strategic thinking is not Paul Walsh’s strongest suit. “He is an excellent hands-on chief executive, a very good team player and team leader, but his strengths lie in managing the operating performance rather than blue-sky thinking.” Strategy he suggests, is more the line of Lord Blyth, the chairman who recently decided to increase his involvement at Diageo. ”

Who Pays the Piper Calls the Tune

Financial Times – 3rd October 2002

Samuel Johar, a headhunter with Buchanan Harvey, said: “Trinity has made the right decision. Otherwise, people would still be asking Ric Piper about what happened at WS Atkins for the next six to 12 months.” It does not reflect terribly well on the board that it is only by an accident of timing that they have avoided making the wrong appointment. Then again, there is no way they could have known what was going wrong at WS Atkins.”

Headhunter Comes Out of the Corporate Shadows

Financial Times – 18th September 2002

“In my experience, the best headhunters then to be slightly maverick characters,” says Samuel Johar, chairman of Buchanan Harvey & Co, which has only four partners. “The problem with very large international firms is that if you want to run 70 offices out of 40 countries, you need a tightly controlled process-driven environment. Creative people with flair do not sit happily in a sausage factory.” “Anna has been the top headhunter in London for almost a decade,” says Mr. Johar. “However, headhunting is a generational thing. Headhunters grow with their number of contacts, and when those contacts begin to retire the headhunter ends up running in ever decreasing circles.”

Nash Draws on Wide Experience

Financial Times – 16th May 2002

“He is not necessarily very strong on interpersonal skills,” said Samuel Johar, chairman of Buchanan Harvey & Co. an executive search firm. “But having been finance director at GrandMet he has enormous experience of acquisitions and restructurings.”

Merger Mania Brings City Workers a Bonus Bonanza

The Sunday Times – 17th December 2000

“The bonuses of the very top people are greater than their salaries many times over,” said Samuel Johar a partner at Buchanan Harvey, a head-hunting company. “It’s not just the top people who are getting the money. A lot of people are enjoying huge rewards.”

City Elite Faces Bonus Squeeze as the Big Deals Dry Up

The Times – 9th December 2000

Samuel Johar, a partner with Buchanan Harvey, a headhunting partnership, said that “the number of banks offering guaranteed bonus packages was on the increase. One Deutsche Bank banker is rumoured to have been taken on to the payroll with a three-year guaranteed bonus of $10 million. One Deutsche Bank banker is rumoured to have been taken on to the payroll with a three- year guaranteed bonus of $10 million. These guarantees are definitely increasing,” says Johar. “It is all right when the banks are doing well and generating large revenues, but when there is a downturn they can impact on profits and, when the guarantees run out, some of the better people could easily be poached anyway.” ING should never have bought the bank in the first place,” says Johar. Commercial banks very rarely make a good job of running investment banks.

City’s Banking Elite to Pick Up £5m Bonuses

The Sunday Times – 12th November 2000

“The cash give away is not limited to the best performers. At the moment it’s so buoyant that an utter twit who happened to have got into a good job will be making half a million or a million-pound bonus,” said Samuel Johar, of the headhunters Buchanan Harvey.

Banks’ Big Bonuses May Threaten Shareholder Value

Financial Times – 22nd December 1999

“But, with so many bonuses guaranteed in advance, there is concern about what would happen if the banks’ business was to turn down. Most banks’ bonuses are guaranteed for two or three years as many as five in some cases” according to Samuel Johar, partner at Buchanan Harvey and Co, headhunters in London. “A lot of banks fell into a trap of guaranteed bonuses, which they now can’t get out of,” says Mr. Johar. “But a guaranteed bonus is not a bonus but a fixed cost to a company, and banks deceive nobody but themselves”

John Lewis Appoints Outsider to the Board for the First Time

Financial Times – 9th July 1999

Samuel Johar, managing director of executive research consultants Buchanan Harvey, said appointing an outsider was a step in the right direction for John Lewis. “It must be a move that was overdue,” he said. “It is a good thing for any business to have people from outside who are not necessarily steeped in its ways and who can add a fresh perspective.”

Granada’s Robinson Seen as the Man to Chair M&S

The Sunday Times – 27th June 1999

Samuel Johar, chairman of the headhunters, Buchanan Harvey, said: “M&S needs someone with credibility in the financial community, someone who has shown he can acclimatise himself to sectors of which he may not have had direct experience, and someone who has proved himself a hard-nosed businessman, Gerry Robinson is a name that springs to mind”

Walsh Captures Top Job at Diageo

The Sunday Times – 9th May 1999

“Phil is exceptionally bright, highly personable and very commercial,” said Samuel Johar of Buchanan Harvey, the headhunter. “He is certainly of the calibre to make the transition from finance director to chief executive.”

Cult of the US Manager

Financial Times – 14th April 1999

“The best excuse for acquiring US talent,” says Samuel Johar, Managing director of executive search consultants Buchanan Harvey, “is that in sectors such as telecoms the US market is more highly developed. The same case could be made, at a pinch, in retail banking. By contrast, outsiders are a high-risk option”, says Buchanan Harvey’s Mr. Johar, “and it takes a great deal of money to lure them across the Atlantic.” And as the search consultant Mr. Johar says, there must be a suspicion that something is very wrong with a company that cannot find the talent from within its own ranks.

Sainsbury Finance Director to Leave

Financial Times – 31st March 1999

“All you need is someone who can adapt to a very fast-moving market,” said Samuel Johar, of Buchanan Harvey, a recruitment consultant. He suggested Keith Hamill of WH Smith or David Keens of Next as possible candidates.

How to Succeed at the Succession Game

The Observer – 6th December 1998

Samuel Johar of headhunters Buchanan Harvey produces a longer list. “A lot depends on the company. For example, at [the drinks group] Diageo, what they needed after the merger was someone who was very good on the detail of the performance. They have that in John McGrath: he’s not a strategist. But it doesn’t seem to me that Marks & Spencer is crying out for a great retailer. They also need someone who is a bit of a strategist. That said, the top of his list of essential qualities is credibility within the City and the investment community. They need to be able to manage investor relations. The reputation and image of the company and its outside communications is very important. Investor-friendliness is not, however, a guarantee of success. Taylor and Teare were much feted in their previous posts: Taylor at the Financial Times Lex column and then demerging Courtaulds; Teare at Rugby Group and English China Clays. Both appointments were also greeted with great enthusiasm, which then evaporated, rather more quickly in Teare’s case than Taylor’s”. Johar believes chief executives must command the confidence and support of their fellow directors, executive and non-executive, and be able to build a good team around them. “It is amazing how many cannot do that,” he says. “They need skills to complement their own.”

Taylor’s Mysterious Departure Could Make it Tough for Bank to Size Up a Successor

Financial Times – 28th/29th November 1998

From the outside, one headhunter put forward the name of Keith Oates, who is quitting as deputy chairman of Marks and Spencer after losing out in a power struggle at the retailer. “The guy with retail and financial services experience is Keith Oates,” said Samuel Johar of Buchanan Harvey, the executive search firm, pointing to his role in building an M&S financial service business valued at £2b.

The Pay of Top FTSE 100 Executives Has Soared by 45% Since Last Year. The Average Boss Now Earns £1m

The Sunday Times – 25th October 1998

But should America drive British pay levels? Samuel Johar, a Buchanan Harvey headhunter, thinks not “American pay has a very indirect influence on Footsie directors.” Says Johar. “It is disingenuous to suggest there is a free market between the UK and US because there isn’t. The industry that comes closest to that is financial service where people do move quite a lot between New York and London.”

The Backroom Boy Hoping for a Sporting Chance

Financial Times – 20th/21st June 1998

Samuel Johar, a partner at Buchanan Harvey, the headhunter, says Mr. Hirst’s ICI background gave him all the qualifications to run Premier Farnell except one. There is a problem of lack of confidence in the investment community; and there he has got a steep learning curve, he says. “He hasn’t got the reputation of credibility that is needed. He has really got to prove himself.”

A Sticky Issue Snowballs into Major Controversy

The Financial Express – 12th March 1998

“Are there lessons for the UK in the Dutch experience? I think what has happened at Shell has been long overdue. It was a brave decision to take. It used to be more prevalent in the UK but now you would be hard pushed to find examples of people hanging on too long as chairmen or non-executive directors.” Says Samuel Johar, a partner at Buchanan Harvey, a head-hunting firm.

Retailers Run Short of Candidates to Mind the Shop

Financial Times – 4th September 1997

“Retailing in Britain is dominated by supermarket groups, which generally have a flat structure.” Says Samuel Johar of the recruitment consultants, Buchanan, Harvey & Co. “They tend not to have several different chains, which divisional CEOs, which would normally offer a good supply of candidates. Furthermore, those diversified retailers which do exist are rapidly falling out of favour, largely because of the high-profile difficulties of companies such as Sears. Just because Sears is not performing well does not mean everyone there is a dumbo,” says Mr. Johar. “But unfortunately its performance has been so poor that everyone is tarnished.”

Global Ambitions of People with Energy

Financial Times – 14th June 1997

“Eric has a fine strategic mind and he is a very good man manager,” says Mr. Samuel Johar, managing director of Buchanan Harvey, the headhunters. “But he needs a good number two. He has a frightfully low boredom threshold and he is also hopelessly disorganised.”

Job Bets are on the Men from Grandmet

Financial Times

The job of finance director to the combined group goes to the youthful Mr. Philip Yea. Aged 42 and appearing younger still. Mr. Yea is “exceptionally bright, with a strategic mind-set,” according to Mr. Samuel Johar of headhunters Buchanan Harvey.